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Simplified Augusta Rule Guide

The Augusta Rule: Tax-Free Income and a deduction for your business through Your Home


Discover the Augusta Rule, a clever tax strategy for find out how you can rent out your property for up to 14 days annually, without the rental income being subject to federal taxes. This guide isn’t just for those living in event-rich locations but also for business owners seeking a tax-efficient approach to hosting meetings or retreats.

How It Works

Homeowners can generate tax-free income by renting their property for short periods, capitalizing on local events or business needs. Business owners, in turn, can deduct these rental expenses, creating a win-win scenario. You need to report the rental income on your tax return and follow IRS Section 280A (The Augusta Rule) to exclude it from your taxable income.

Eligibility and Implementation

  • Own a home in the United States
  • Can be your main residence or a vacation home
  • Property cannot be rented out full-time
  • Business activities conducted must adhere to the 14-day limit
  • Establish and document a fair market rental rate through a formal rental agreement.

Best Practices

  • Documentation is Key: Maintain detailed records, including a rental agreement and corporate minutes if renting to your business. This solidifies the transaction’s legitimacy.
  • Market Rate Justification: Ensure the rental rate is competitive by researching local venue rates. This substantiates your pricing strategy should the IRS inquire.
  • Financial Transactions: Issue formal invoices from yourself to your business, and ensure payments are traceable, reinforcing the transaction’s authenticity.


  • Local Regulations: Check local and homeowners’ association rules which might restrict short-term rentals.
  • Insurance: Review and possibly update your insurance to cover short-term rental activities.
  • Tax Reporting: While the income is tax-free, exceeding the 14-day limit or mismanaging documentation can negate the benefits.


The Augusta Rule offers a strategic way for homeowners and business owners to benefit financially while adhering to tax regulations. Thorough preparation, documentation, and adherence to guidelines are crucial for maximizing this opportunity.

Rental Agreement Template

This Rental Agreement is made this [Date] between [Homeowner Name], the Owner, and [Renter Name], the Renter. The Owner agrees to rent the property located at [Property Address] to the Renter for a period of [Rental Period], starting from [Start Date] to [End Date].


1. The property is to be used solely for [Purpose of Rental].
2. The total rental amount is [Rental Amount] payable upon signing this agreement.
3. This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Augusta Rule.

_________________________ _________________________
[Homeowner Name]                                                [Renter Name]



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